Boxholm Stål AB became its own public company in 1984 and is since the autumn 2007 a part of Schmolz + Bickenbach group. The company was formerly an operating branch of Boxholms AB, whose iron foundry heritage stretches back to the 18th century. The company specialises exclusively on cold drawn steel bars. Our head office, cold drawing plant and central warehouse, are situated in the town of Boxholm in Östergötland county. Our capacity is 50,000 annual tonnes. Although most of this output is delivered to the Swedish manufacturing industry, Boxholm Stål also exports cold drawn steel bars to other Nordic countries and the rest of the Europe.


Boxholm’s history as a town goes back to 1582, when Arvid Gustafsson Stenbock first founded Bocksholm Manor, which later changed its name to Boxholm. In 1754, Swedish King Adolf Fredrik bestowed smithy rights on the town, which enabled it to start producing weapons among other things. 1782 saw the founding of iron foundry Boxholms Jernbruk, whose business has been handed down from generation to generation. Boxholms AB was founded in 1872. The company started producing cold drawn bars in 1937, and it remains the basis of the company’s operations to this day. The company changed its name to Boxholm Stål AB in 1984. Since then we have strengthened our position as a reliable and competent supplier of cold drawn steel bars, and are among the largest in the Nordic region.